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Web Development

Website design and development

The first stride to take in creating your online presence is to have a well-designed stunning website which speaks about your business loud and clear. Your website serves as a first point of contact for your potential customers. Web design and development involves multitude of variables like graphics, layout content, search engine optimization etc.,. It serves as backbone for all the marketing plans of your business. Myth Digital Business designs and develops websites that perfectly meet your business needs.

Web designing

Myth Digital Business creates aesthetically pleasing unique design, which displays beautifully across various device. Web designing focuses on the look and feel of the website.  It involves many elements like logo design, graphic design, multimedia, videos, layout, text, image and color scheme.

Dark mode, minimalism, black and white, grey scale, use of neon colors, hand drawn elements, bold typography, 3D elements and animations are some of the current trends in web designing.

User interface/ user experience

UX/UI focuses on the ease of use and it influences branding. It is aesthetic and ease of use of website that makes user spend longer time on the website. Myth Digital Business carves out balance between UX  and UI which enhances conversion rate of the website. Great UX is loved by search engines and enhances SEO rating.

Current UI/UX trends are balance of space and design, interactive animations, low key gradients, and hand written texts, custom navigation, full screen visuals etc.,.

Website Development

At Myth Digital Business, our world class team creates intuitive, visually stunning high-performance website which becomes an extension of your brand-identity. Our responsive design makes your website flexible enough to adapt across all the devices. This provides a rich user experience. We serve all industries. We not only crate but also provide maintenance service for your website.

We develop simple content website, responsive website, e-commerce website, webapps, etc.,. by using platforms like WordPress, dot net, java, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP etc.,. depending on the requirement of the client.

We keep current trends in mind while developing a website. They are, responsive design to make the website work seamlessly on different end devices, integration of chat bots, CRMs, accelerated load speeds, AI based voice search options, cyber security etc.,.