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Branding Services

Branding Services

Branding is more than just a name, logo or color scheme. Branding is conveying the essence of who you are as a company/enterprise. When done right, branding can elicit emotionalresponse in customers and retain their loyalty.

Myth Digital Business provides the following branding services.

Logo Design

A company’s logo provides the initial glimpse of the brand and becomes essentially the face of the organization. A well designed logo serves many marketing purposes. Logos cross cultural boundaries and international borders to get recognized around the globe. Myth Digital Business’s experienced and highly creative logo designers offer you quick and best logo design services.

Brand messaging and positioning

We help you convey your brand message loud and clear through factors like, value proposition, key differentiators, brand principle, organizational culture, target audience and product proposition.

We help you position your brand so that your clients know what sets you apart.

Brand Voice

Brands have their own persona and own way of expressing itself. Some brands are friendly, some are irreverent, some are unflaggingly professional and some are highly aspirational. We help you find your brand expression and define your persona across all touchpoints and marketing campaigns. It impacts the perception of your organization in customers mind strongly.

Style guide

We create perfect style guide to layout your brand voice, messaging, design principles and more in precise detail. They also instruct your staff member and business partner on the exact language to use in different scenarios. Basically, it’s your Branding bible.

Social Media Branding

We at Myth Digital Business end your struggle with social media branding by helping you have a consistent branding effort across all channels. We help you stay true to your brand messaging, voice and values on suitable social media channels to stay connected with your customers.