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Content Services

Content Services

Content is at the heart of marketing efforts. It is the captivating content that makes the audience take desired action. Good quality, useful, related and interesting content draws audience and engages them to stay with your brand.

Myth Digital Business got you covered on all types of content requirement. We have wetted content writing team which has years of experience.

Website Content Writing

Myth Digital Business specializes in website content that is relevant, interesting and crisp, which is bound to impress your target audience. We create novel content which is plagiarism free and search engine optimized by studding it with relevant keywords but not stuffing with it.

Blog and Article Writing

We have experienced content writers who understands different industries and create compelling topics with interesting and informative content which audience can connect with. Placing search engine optimized articles and blog boosts website ranking organically.

Articles are longer than 1000 words and formally written based on interview, research, analysis, and  facts.

Blogs are casual form of writing. It contains tips, lessons, and opinions. Blogs are 300-1000 words long.


Copy writing  is related to advertisement content. It can make or break the deal. Keys to good copywriting are attractive short message and call to action buttons, which we at Myth Digital Business understand very well.